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We investigate, develop and market products to improve performance, seeking the total and definitive optimization of pavements. We provide highly specialized advice in the design, construction, operation and care of asphalt surfaces, from highways to sports courts, safer, more durable and cheaper to maintain.

With the knowledge and technology more advanced of the world adapted to the conditions of Mexico, Central and South America, the technicians, engineers, teachers and doctors that make up GRUPO SURFAX innovate, professionalize and influence our sector with an overflowing passion.

We are currently commercial partners in the region, of the global brands with the highest recognition in the pavement market and we provide advanced integrated solutions through four companies that convert small investments today into great savings in the short, medium and long term.

When all the roads are designed, built, operated and maintained in optimal conditions, we will have fulfilled our mission. Meanwhile, we proudly and enthusiastically assume our position as leaders in our sector and continue to prepare ourselves incessantly.

Tecnología Surfax
Surfax Surfax

Leading supplier of products and services for the construction and maintenance of asphalt pavements.

Our catalog includes more than 25 national and imported products that, together with the advice of our team of experts, will help you to build safer and more durable roads, saving large amounts of money.

Surfax Surfax

Laboratory with AMAAC recognition - IMT level I and II (equipped and trained for level III and IV).

Our mission is to offer you access to various analyzes and tests on asphalt and asphalt mixtures, as well as supervision and quality control services.


Auscultation and management of roads, highways and airports.

We accurately diagnose the state of your roads, airport tracks and roads, allowing you to optimize the investment in maintenance, extending the life of your surfaces, improving their quality and saving large amounts of money.


Manufacture and commercialization of asphalt sealers and equipment for optimal preservation of asphalt surfaces.

We provide technical advice to the private initiative and to the municipal and state governments through the offer of SEALMASTER products for the preventive maintenance of pavements that go from a road to a sports field.

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At GRUPO SÚRFAX® we have a commitment to the sustainability of asphalt pavements and we understand it from several approaches:

1 Pavement Recovery.
It is important to REUSE and RECYCLE pavements. Our technicians study the different recovery procedures and offer solutions tailored to the requirements of the project, helping to improve the performance of the reused asphalt, promoting the homogeneity of the new mixture, ensuring adhesion to the aggregates and adherence between the layers that they make up the pavement.

2 Reduction of energy costs and optimization of the laying and compaction processes.
The use of the SÚRFAX® additives for warm mixtures, allow to reduce the production and spread temperatures of the mixture without affecting its performance. Reduce the temperatures required for the compaction of the mixture, achieve the compaction of design more easily and apply in colder climates and / or greater distances from the production plants.

3 Extend the useful life of asphalt pavements
A The most suitable asphalt for each application: In GRUPO SÚRFAX® we are convinced that each project requires asphalts with different performance characteristics. We are promoters of the asphalt classifications for their performance (PG and Jnr Grade) and we actively participate in the efforts to share research and knowledge with the asphalt industry. Years of experience and research and joint work with prestigious national and international institutions allows us to propose tests and specifications on asphalts focused on the final performance of the pavement.

B Pavement Designs with High Functionality and longer life times. GRUPO SÚRFAX® is a driver of asphalt pavement designs with SMA; We are convinced that these designs allow to reach high performances and prolong the life of the pavements, reducing their maintenance and periodic renewal.

C Application of surface treatment systems and repairs of pavements that prolong their life time and functionality: Viáker®, a company of the SÚRFAX® GROUP, is a promoter of Bituminous Surface Treatments, which protect asphalt surfaces from environmental factors such as oxidation, water and fuel spills, extending the useful life of asphalt surfaces in general, offering the most appropriate solutions for the different types of surface, from airports to roads, passing through service stations, parking lots and secondary roads.

D Implement and maintain Pavement Management Systems that allow taking timely actions that prevent the accelerated deterioration of pavements. The pavements require studies that allow to know and diagnose their current status. The diagnostics allow to predict the future of the pavements, to program the necessary actions to maintain them in optimal conditions of service and to reduce the costs of repair and corrective maintenance, prolonging the useful life of the roads.
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Sustentabilidad Surfax

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